A Tribute to My Expensive Father (In Memory): RAYMOND CARRUTHERS LOCK – Equipped SEAMAN RNVR. SA. -67699

A Tribute to My Expensive Father (In Memory):
RAYMOND CARRUTHERS LOCK (07/01/1923- 23/02/2009) – ABLE SEAMAN RNVR. SA. -67699
by John Bailey
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FLOTSAM AND JETSAMVol. 50 August 2002 No 209
(and sent to me some many years ago by my dear dad, which I‘m sharing over the www that will help maintain his memory, and most of all, to share his one of a kind eye-witness account of epic battles from WW II in the astounding ability of The online.
Over a crisp, but sunny autumnal morning before this yr, I made my way from the narrow but picturesque Harfield Village — considered one of Cape Town’s popular “Chelsea” regions. Streets bearing the names of English counties abound and quickly develop into a continuing – if not a little bit nostalgic - reminder as I ambled by way of Hereford and Leicester, before reaching my greatest vacation spot in Sussex …
I welcomed the delicate and cozy sofa that greeted me on my arrival at No 17, but no sooner experienced I seated myself than the usual dapper gentleman appeared and whose ideal hand was brief to return ahead inside a sincere gesture of greeting …
Raymond Lock – “Ray” to his friends and family — was promptly recognizable from his Television set graphic as remaining a member of your congregation who experienced a short while ago attended the sixtieth anniversary assistance at Simons City, which recalled the sinking of HMS CORNWALL and HMS DORSETSHIRE on Easter Sunday 1942. It wasn't extensive right before Ray was recounting his own experiences for me …
Born in the then Southern Rhodesian town of Bulawayo on 7 January 1923, Ray concluded his education within the South African Higher education High School in Cape City. While not nevertheless seventeen years of age, he “bluffed” his serious date of birth, and signed on to the Air Power in November of 1939. A alter of coronary heart before long uncovered this intrepid youthful lad heading for Simon‘s City, in which he duly enlisted for services in the Navy. It had been nor prolonged just before Ray was posted for duty to Klawer Camp on Red Hill - a naval set up that commanded an outstanding see on the naval foundation in the bay beneath. On the other hand, by the Autumn of 1940, be was at sea, getting been seconded to the eight-inch cruiser — HMS DORSETSHIRE — being an capable seaman.
Within the May of 1941 — As well as in company with HMS RODNEY, HMS KING GEORGE V and HMS
ARK ROYAL — HMS DORSETSHIRE succeeded in routing the German battleship BISMARCK in
the North Atlantic Ocean. It is fascinating to note that Ray Appear was aboard HMS DORSETSHIRE, because the cruiser fired the final torpedoes to the now crippled battleship …
Japan’s entry in to the war inside the December of 1941, opened up a whole new frontier of conflict for that allies and by the top of March of`1942, an assault to the island of Ceylon appeared imminent.
Soon in advance of midnight on Easter: Saturday — four April — HMS DORSETSHIRE, underneath the command of Captain Augustus Agar VC and HMS CORNWALL, underneath the command of Captain P C WnMainwaring (or was it Manwaring??) sailed from the Ceylonese port of Colombo. Their aim was to rendezvous with AdmiralSomervi1le some hundred of miles to your South at sixteen.00 on the next afternoon, and so have the ability to present a united front on the enemy.
In his definitive analyze within the Japanese assault on Ceylon entitled “One of the most Unsafe Minute”, Michael Tomlinson remembers that “shortly right after 1 o’çlock (Sunday 5th April) with all Males at action stations, numerous radio contacts were being picked up (by HMS CORNWALL and HMS DORSETSHIRE…wi-fi silence was now broken to notify Admiral Somerville in their situation (and) to report the enemy shadowing and likelihood of an air attack. (The Japanese) squandered not a second on sighting the two cruisers…(and) scored hit right after hit within the term go….The line of assault appeared to have been thoroughly worked out upfront…
Young Ray Lock, on the list of Dorsetshire’s crew serving a 4 inch ack-ack gun amidships and fuming at their hopelessly limited area of fireplace, discovered himself flung to your deck ten ft below by a blast from the bomb. Shaken, he bought to his ft, intent on having back again to your gun; but was startled to determine only two blackened stumps, wherever the twin gun barrels were and the rest of the crew lifeless or poorly wounded. Only some time later on, noticing a squelching seem in his shoes, did he come across them filling with blood and realized that he was significantly wounded in the chest and legs …
0nly 8 minutes after the primary bomb strike, her bows rose over The ocean, where by now nearly all of her enterprise had been floundering in the new oily h2o, and she was absent….
A great deal exactly the same may very well be said for HMS CORNWALL….Lieutenant Geoffrey Grove relates:
“When at 1.40pm the Jap planes struck, the 1st bomb hit the CORNWALL’s port-aspect, astern…We experienced something like fifteen hits in about seven minutes plus the poor previous Lady took up a bigger checklist than in the past and began to settle….as soon as clear of the ship (I) rotated and waited for her to go, which she did quite quietly, bows very first. Her stern arrived up into your air and she slid down, a single propeller revolving bit by bit.”
Ray was quick to recall that obtaining deserted ship, he found himself swimming within a sea which was both equally warm and dead serene, excepting for your layer of oil that experienced currently begun to ooze up and out on the sunken cruiser. He was to invest some 7 hours inside the drinking water, right before being dragged into a existence-boat to endure a complete working day and night time, prior to getting rescued by HMAS PALADIN and transported to Addu Atoll while in the Maldive Islands. In this article Ray was transferred to the merchant ship to await the arrival from the clinic ship HMNS VITA, aboard which he returned to South Africa toward the top of April.
In his certification for “Wounds and Hurts”, Surgeon Captain OD Brownfeld notes that Ray sustained a “gun shot through (the) left ankle with (a) fracture in the neck on the astragalus, in addition to a “shrapnel wound into the remaining of (the) middle of (the) sternum.” Nevertheless, the medical doctor can make `no point out with the parts of shrapnel which have surfaced throughout Ray’s physique over the past sixty a long time!
Glancing out of the blue at my look at, I noticed how immediately some time experienced handed… a quick “photo-contact” was needed to recall the occasion and Ray, with baggage packed, was quickly to return to Durban…. Like countless Gentlemen and ladies of his period, his tranquil unassuming way absolutely presents a person no indicator as into the psychological struggling that he undoubtedly endured at so youthful an age; however, his inner bravery and strength was to shine forth during an interview recorded by The Daily News – a Durban tabloid in September of 1987: Of course, in dangerous situations we were scared, but you have to react. The bravest thing we did was signing the recruiting form.”
Go well, Ray
John Bailey
Sourced from
Vol. fifty August 2002 No 209
“Male is head
and evermore he can take the Resource of considered
and, shaping what he wills,
delivers forth a thousand joys,
a thousand ills.
He thinks in mystery
and it involves move -
Surroundings is but his searching glass.”
Thanks so much for sharing with me, father. Your spirit (“pushed”) life on, as I “operate” * on sharing your exclusive story.
* It’s probably not “function”, but a “labour of love”.
“The empires of the longer term are definitely the empires of your head”
- Winston Churchill (within an adress to Harvard University in 1943)
- anon
This fantastic poem was created my my talented and artistic sister, Glenda Wallace to commemorate our pricey dads eightieth birthday in 2003. So am sharing. Take pleasure in...
"Right here we are gathered now
To rejoice the start of our Particular Ray
January 7th 1923
Marked the delivery of minimal R.C
An only baby was this little tot
identified to all
As Raymond Carruthers Lock
The S A C was the College to be
The most beneficial from the region round
Not however in Newlands, was this great faculty
But in Orange Road, could possibly be discovered
Life at college for this younger chap
Was full of Activity and several a jack *
A great deal of pranks, he loves to recall
of blackboard dusters climbing the wall
Youthful Ray Lock liked his sport
Undecided 'bout' schoolwork
and what he was taught
But rugby, tennis, cross-place and cricket
The truth is this chap stored a fine wicket
At sixteen off to war he did go
Lied 'bout' his age
So no one would know
Towards the 'Dorsetshire' was he despatched
But following a Jap bombing
Down she went
17 long several hours inside the water he swam
fifth April 1942
This younger boy, now a man
The Aged Mutual his operate after the war
For many very long several years, Nearly 24
Lots of a sale, experienced this fantastic fellow
Because of his socks, which ended up only yellow!
Racing automobiles, hillclimbs and a enthusiasm for pace
Kyalami, KIllarney or any track in fact.
Even no brakes could discourage this eager male
Speeding down Kloofnek
Right into a garage he rammed
Auto trips to East London were being really quick
Rushing at one hundred thirty mph, made me Ill
Tapping his shoulder I'd yell ultimately
Slow down now, You are heading as well speedy!
Once the years of rapid vehicles experienced last but not least passed
The golfing bug hit terrible and for many years did past
Only the same four ball would do
Lock and Maddock and Hodson by two
Every shot analysed, Just about every blunder
eighteen extended holes, but the nineteenth took the cake!
A Province fan to your core
Could not stand Naas, that's needless to say
Gainsford, Dawie and Morne had been his Adult men
Newlands his ground...which was then!
A transfer to Durban, some thirty many years back
Took him for the land of your Sharks you understand
And so the tales of Province have acquired less and less
And he now proclaims Natal is the greatest!
Blue and White acquired packed absent
Black and White grew to become the get from the working day
Funny while, come holiday getaway
Where do you discover him? At Bantry Bay!
Sipping on the Balcony, is exactly what he likes to do
Scanning for Sharks in the big White and Blue!
That is a guy who likes to bet
Matches or notes as well as the Met
A tale is advised of your noonday gun
Augie was there, and so was vendre sa voiture à un particulier Dick's bum!
Oh the video games, he likes to Perform
Oh the hrs squandered away
Augie and Steve could show you so far more
Alan way too, that's of course
I needn't tell you what Ray likes to consume
You all know nicely, while not having to think
J and B and ice, excessive h2o a waste
Excessive water spoils the style
He also enjoys rum, but a very Particular form
Pussers the name, but so hard to find
This father of mine
Is really a stickler for time
Altho' he did not was
Watches are set,
Then checked and rechecked
Punctuality is actually a precedence
Retired now, passing the day
Lunching at Splashes, a stones' throw absent
A baked potato, fish or toasted cheese
Anything... but no garlic make sure you!!
A several years back, you gave us a scare
We thank God, that this is currently apparent
No dreadful mooty, to force with your tum
No extra pipes, up your bum!
You're 80 currently and still in fantastic fettle
I have read it said "a man of mettle"
Still, which has a softening inside your coronary heart
Of which God has seriously played the component
Father, you truly are great and appear so properly
eighty years previous...that confident won't tell
So thanks to the whisky, the rum along with the wine
You happen to be preserved in Alcoholic beverages and that is just good!
In this particular letter As well as in All of this fun
A Be aware of seriousness, for this wonderful chum
Be you a colleague or my Father or just Ray vendre sa voiture belgique
Obtain our really like in your case now
You are Unique and treasured and often is going to be
Now the seventh January 2003
Happy 80th Birthday Dad!
Glenda Wallace (nee Lock)

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